Why Choose a Modern Electric Fireplace?

If you’ve ever owned an electric fireplace, then you know that they can be a good source of heat for a room. The one problem with these fireplaces, however, has always been the aesthetic appeal of the flames that are present.

With new technology in this industry, it has become possible to have a realistic looking fire, including smoke, present within your electric fireplace.

Meet the Optimyst: The Coolest Fireplace Around

The Optimyst, which is manufactured by Dimplex, offers a patented 3D illusion of flames and smoke that is combined with a sheet bed that shimmers and glowing embers.

The end result is a very natural look that, at first glance, can fool anyone into thinking that they’re seeing a real fire. The cost to run this fireplace is just 7 cents per hour and you can control the height and intensity of the flame and smoke.

If you just want to run the heater without the 3D flame effect, then the Optimyst fireplace costs just 2 cents per hour to run.

The Optimyst by Dimplex has an MSRP of $2,199. In return, you’ll receive a full cabinet that is made from a rich, burnished walnut. The panels are raised and there is beaded molding around the panels to provide a timeless, classical look that works with almost any home. The hearth base is also included within the price.

If you prefer, the fireplace is also available as an insert so that it can be installed virtually anywhere or in other cabinets. This can raise or lower the price based on the configuration that you prefer.

How Does the Optimyst Work?

As for the secret of the real flame and fire appearance, the fire place has an actual box instead of the classic viewing panel that so many other electric fireplaces have.

You can place your hand into the hearth above the “flames” and you won’t get burned. That’s because the appearance of the fire is through water vapor alone – the effect is generated without heat!

There’s a water reservoir underneath the fireplace in a similar way that the gas controls are placed under a gas fireplace. You just fill up the water reservoir periodically and then you get the flames that look so real.

You can even replace the water while the fireplace is still on by sliding the panel out, removing the reservoir, and then sliding the panel back in. The water tank lasts for up to 17 hours, however, so you can run the fireplace all day without worry.

The Optimyst is a truly unique fireplace that replicates the look of a traditional fireplace for an amazingly affordable price. It comes with a remote control and a 1 year warranty. If you don’t have natural gas coming to your property and you’re looking for a new way to heat a room in your home, this fireplace will make people look twice when it has been installed. Consider the investment today and you won’t be disappointed!