Chimney Sweeping That You Can Do Yourself

Whether you are homesteading and need your fireplace for heat or you just need a back-up source for heat when the power goes off, it is important to keep that chimney clean. Chimney sweeping is easy, especially when you follow these steps.

The first thing to consider doing is to light a fire or two as the cooler months roll around. If you do have any creosote that is stuck in your chimney, then this tends to loosen it up just a little so that it can be swept away more efficiently. If you don’t have a good draw, then you definitely need to sweep out your pipe or your chimney.

You’ll Need to Remove the Pipe From Your Stove

If you have a pipe going up through the ceiling, then you’ll need to remove the pipe from the stove. Move the pipe upward and the pipe at its slip joint will move upward.

If you have an adaptor on your pipe, it may need to be removed. Inside of the stove, you may find a large amount of creosote sitting right inside the base of the pipe. This tends to happen any time you have a baffle. Use a vacuum to clear the base of the excess creosote.

Now use a shallow bucket and place it underneath pipe or the chimney so that you can catch the creosote that falls through as you’re sweeping the chimney. This will save you a huge mess!

Then you’re ready to get up on the roof. You’re going to need a chimney brush that works with your pipe or chimney. If you have an 8 inch pipe, get an 8 inch brush. Make sure your handles are screwed on tightly so you don’t lose the brush.

The Chimney Cap Needs To Come Off

Take the chimney cap off of the pipe on the roof. It’s usually held by screws, so bring a screwdriver up to the roof with you as well. Pliers can also work in a pinch. Retain the screws or nuts, remove the cap, and the brush off any excess debris.

Your chimney brush is now ready to go down into the pipe or the chimney. Starting from the top, scrub the brush up and down so that it scrapes the soot and creosote down into your bucket.

You’ll need to move the brush up and down several times to make sure that you get the pipe nice and clean. Go all the way down the pipe with the up and down motion and then bring the brush back up while maintaining the same motion.

That’s all there is to sweeping your chimney! Now you just need to put your chimney cap in place and install your pipe to your stove so that you have an airtight connection. Always clean the inside of your stove periodically as well and you’ll be ready for the colder months.